Increase the durability and reliability of assembly, gluing, sealing with Nordson dispensing systems!
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Disposable Hygiene and Healthcare Products
Increase the efficiency of your production processes with OptiBond solutions!
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MiniBlue® II. Hot Melt Glue Applicators
Reduced adhesive use for longer life. Optimize your adhesive systems with intermittent application!
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Hotmelt moulding
Optimel is an expert in low pressure hotmelt pouring technologies.
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Building elements
Make durable, high quality and aesthetic products with Nordson systems!
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Consistent quality, reliable pleating, pouring and gluing solutions for industrial and household filters.
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Service and parts
Protect Nordson systems and reduce downtime by installing original parts!
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Wood and furniture manufacturing
Cost-effective production of durable, aesthetic office and home furniture using Nordson dispensing systems.
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Improve production efficiency with Nordson adhesive application systems! Cost-effective solutions for labeling, traying, box closure.
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The Meltech Group is an expert partner in hotmelt equipment and adhesive dosing systems technologies.

Whether it is packaging, consumer goods, disposable hygiene products or durable consumer goods, our experienced staff is at your disposal for the selection of the right technology or for the maintenance and repair of existing equipment.

Pro Blue® Flex Melter

Miniblue® II. Applicator

PureFlow Hoses

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