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Nordson's adhesive and sealant dispensing systems offer a comprehensive and efficient solution for a wide range of consumer products. Our equipment works reliably in almost every area of the industry.

1. E-Mobility

E-Mobility For more than 60 years, Nordson has been at the forefront of designing and producing adhesive dispensing systems for manufacturing operations worldwide. Nordson is the world leader in precision dispensing technology to the EV Battery industry. Did you know the world’s largest mobile technology companies rely on Nordson for over 50 applications per device or that Nordson currently powers over 1 million electric vehicles globally? The top ten battery manufacturers count on Nordson to deliver design and engineer systems specific for their application.
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2. Appliance & White Goods

Appliance & White Goods Nordson's manual and automatic systems provide an excellent solution for sealing, gluing and insulating various components, exterior enclosures, internal components, electrical and mechanical units. Adhesives and sealants can be applied in the conventional manner or with foaming technology.
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3. Automotive

Automotive Nordson application systems can handle a wide range of materials, including next-generation, high-performance adhesives, sealants, and fillers for automotive assemblies, seals, and adhesives. Cost-effective production and higher efficiency characterize Nordson's foaming technologies and automation systems. Automotive applications include the manufacture of headlights, lamps, interior trim, filters and many other components.
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4. Bookbinding

Bookbinding Nordson's BetterBookTM system offers a comprehensive, comprehensive solution in the field of bookbinding. Application of PUR, secondarily EVA adhesives in the production of hard and soft-cover books, magazines and other publications. PUR binding solutions are ideal for pre-melting, spine and side lubrication, bookbinding, and note pad production. Our specialized systems meet the requirements of both small-volume digital printing houses and manufacturers of large-scale commercial products.
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5. Building & Home Construction

Building & Home Construction Nordson's adhesive and sealant dispensing systems help building component manufacturers in many areas to produce efficient, durable, high-quality structural materials and aesthetics for both external and internal applications. They increase protection and resistance to temperature, humidity and chemicals from tiles to underground pipelines.
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6. Electronics

Electronics The electronics industry, especially the manufacture of mobile devices, requires a great deal of flexibility in its production processes due to the ever-shortening life cycle of its products. Nordson systems are suitable for a wide variety of applications in the manufacture of electronic devices and their components. Whether it's gluing plastics, making locally made seals, or hotmelt molding, accurate dosing of Nordson equipment increases productivity and quality.
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7. Filter Manufacturing

Filter Manufacturing Produce consistent, high-quality filters as cost-effectively as possible. Nordson adhesive dispensing equipment delivers precise, reliable application to optimize material use in manual or automated processes. As the media, frames and housings used in filter manufacturing encompass a wide variety of substrates, including plastics, metals and paper, an array of dispensed materials is needed for a finished filter. Nordson’s vast product family provides solutions for virtually any adhesive and sealant material and produces a broad range of solid or foamed patterns.
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8. Furniture & Woodworking

Furniture & Woodworking Nordson offers a number of solutions for applying and dispensing hotmelt, PUR hotmelt, liquid adhesives and sealants. Our systems increase the efficiency of the production processes of kitchen worktops, furniture elements, doors and windows, panel-mounted furniture. Typical applications include edge sealing, lamination, profile lamination, gluing processes for lightweight furniture board production and mattress manufacturing.
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9. Hygiene and Medical Disposable

Hygiene and Medical Disposable Nordson has vast experience in manufacturing nonwowen products. Thanks to this knowledge, the unique support we can provide in the processing of high-speed roll products, be it diapers, adult incontinence or feminine hygiene products. Nordson systems precisely deliver and dispense a wide range of products, from hotmelt to perfume to specialty materials such as various waxes and lotions. Application processes and systems have a major impact on production costs, product quality and usability, and production efficiency. One of the large number of Nordson solutions is definitely suitable for manufacturers of hygiene products or nonwowen raw materials.
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10. Packaging

Packaging Nordson's application and inspection systems effectively help to apply the adhesive to both functional and aesthetic requirements, whether it is box closure, association, traying, cargo securing, labeling, or other special applications. Packaging solutions are evaluated from an aesthetic and functional point of view. A suitable packaging system should dispense a sufficient amount of adhesive without stretching and squeezing. Nordson is a global leader in packaging technologies, whether cold or hot.
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11. Paper & Paperboard Converting

Paper & Paperboard Converting Nordson’s adhesive systems efficiently dispense cold and hot adhesives in the manufacturing processes of different types and sizes of boxes, bags and sacks, both structurally and formally. Aesthetics and functionality characterize the right solution, equal to applying the amount needed for proper strength without spinning, dirt or leakage. Learn more about Nordson's paper and printing systems, from box folding to cardboard box manufacturing to bag and bag manufacturing.
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12. Solar Technology

Solar Technology A common feature of solar products is that they must be resistant to harsh weather conditions for a long time, even without maintenance. Production processes must be faster and less costly so that the quality and efficiency of the end product, especially its durability, cannot be reduced. Nordson’s many application solutions, from simple “strips” to thin-film film spraying, make production processes efficient.
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13. Tape and Label Stock

Tape and Label Stock Nordson coating systems are an integral part of many self-adhesive label and tape production lines and are responsible for forming self-adhesive layers and protective coatings.
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14. Tobacco Industry

Tobacco Industry Filters, cigarette sleeves, packaging units and seals are added by adding various hotmelt and liquid adhesives. Highly accurate and reliable dosing is essential on high-speed production lines.
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